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anderson's bookshop in downtown naperville

With the world full of large “chain” bookstores, it’s rare these days to find a local hometown bookstore. Naperville is very fortunate to have Anderson’s Bookshop, located right in the heart of downtown.

Here you will find not only a large selection of books, but also a great toy selection, as well as numerous gift ideas. Anderson’s also hosts several book signing events throughout the year in which popular authors come into the store and other community locations and personally sign their latest works for the customers.

Anderson’s is truly a “hometown” bookstore. The history of Anderson’s dates back to the year 1964, with the great-great grandfather of the current owners. He opened a pharmacy called W.W. Wickel Pharmacy. Over time, this hometown pharmacy came to be Oswald’s Pharmacy, a name we still recognize in modern Naperville. In 1964, the first official bookstore known as Paperback Paradise was opened above the pharmacy. These are the roots of what is now the current Anderson’s Bookshop. This store is a 5th generation business that was founded in Naperville and still remains a popular, thriving business.

Anderson’s offers both children’s and adult book clubs, and hosts numerous author meet and greet book signing events throughout the year where you can meet bestselling authors such as Jodi Picoult and many others. Anderson’s also gives back to the community in several ways. They sponsor programs such as Books for Troops to provide books for those serving in our military, as well as the Book Angels program that gives books to children in need. They have also provided gift cards to my daughter’s elementary school in the past for those students who excelled in the school’s summer reading programs. My daughter loved going to Anderson’s to redeem her gift cards, and we were in there for hours because there is so much wonderful merchandise to choose from.

Anderson’s Bookshops has a strong family history here in Naperville and provides the community with the latest in adult and children’s bestsellers, as well as offering a full line of fiction, history, biographical, cooking, science, and sports books. They also have a great selection of games, toys, and other unique gift giving ideas for all ages.

Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville Location & Phone


  • Monday through Saturday:  9am to 9pm
  • Sunday: 11am to 5pm

Anyone can visit a well know chain bookstore in any given town, but having a real hometown bookstore is something that truly makes Naperville special and makes for a unique shopping experience which supports a local business.


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