It’s a Bling Thing! A Downtown Naperville Trendy Spot!

it's a bling thing logoit's a bling thing napervilleCostume jewelry, fabulous accessories, hair wraps, bows, headbands, watches, and customized charm bracelets are some of the items that It’s A Bling Thing offers.

bling thing ownersWhat I find so unique and surprising about this adorable downtown Naperville store are the more-than-affordable prices. When I put together a cute outfit, whether it is for a date night or a big presentation, I always love going to It’s A Bling Thing to accessorize without breaking the bank. Items range from $1 – $20.  Seriously! Instead of buying brand-new outfits all the time, I find satisfaction in shopping at It’s A Bling Thing to accessorize with scarves, watches, jewelry and change my outfits’ looks over and over again. [Read more…]

Cafe N Play Is A Naperville Mommy Destination & More

cafe N play napervilleWhen owner Cathy Suber took over The Naperville Mom’s Network from the original founder, she had a vision not only to bring NMN to where it is today, but to also create an in-person “club house.”  She wanted to take the online experience of the Naperville Moms Network and make it a face-to-face experience.

In 2012, she opened Café N Play, a unique meeting place and way for children to unplug and play while Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa,  caregiver or friends can meet, work, and enjoy a coffee or latte or get a healthy snack. [Read more…]

What Is The Naperville Moms Network?

naperville moms network logo

Living in one of the best communities in the country, Naperville, we have wonderful luxuries like the best parks and trails, dining, unique neighborhoods, shopping, museums, schools, the list goes on and on. Something to be truly grateful for.

Something unique to Naperville that helps foster an even stronger community is the Naperville Moms Network. [Read more…]