The Best Website To Search Homes For Sale Naperville IL (and how to get it)

use listingbook for the best naperville home search

In my opinion as a real estate agent, the best website to search for homes for sale in Naperville isn’t one of those big “popular” sites you see advertised on TV. You may have already seen a house you like from someone like MLS properties, but there are many other places where you could find the house of your dreams.

Instead, if you really want to use the most comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-use site available, you should be using ListingBook.

Below are just some of the reasons why it’s way better than those other sites you’ve probably heard of.

What Is ListingBook & Why Haven’t I Heard Of It?

listingbook logoListingBook is essentially the best way to search the MLS on your computer (the “MLS” is the Multiple Listing Service where all agents in the northern Illinois area input their homes for sale). Unlike those other “popular” sites, ListingBook isn’t a national home search site. It is only in certain markets where it establishes relationships with the local MLS. It’s been around for years but has only come to the Chicago area in the Spring of 2013.

Why Is It The Best Site To Search For Homes For Sale Naperville IL?

ListingBook licenses its data directly from our MLS. That means that it has a direct connection to our database and is updated about every 15 minutes. Because of that, it’s the most accurate and comprehensive database you can find of local Naperville homes for sale (as well as all homes contained in the northern Illinois MLS). This is quite literally the only way to “search the MLS.”

Why Shouldn’t I Use Those Other Popular Sites I’ve Heard Of? is the only other site that gets a direct feed from our MLS, so at least it’s going to be accurate. However, it doesn’t provide as many search functions as ListingBook. As for all those other major sites you see advertised on TV, they’re just technology companies that scrape data together from public databases and use their own algorithms to create what looks to be home listings. However, they have no direct affiliation to our local MLS system whatsoever. That’s why they’re often so horribly inaccurate.

map of naperville homes for sale

Basic Home Search Functions

Like any good home search site, you can use ListingBook to search for homes by:

  • Town/City Name
  • Price
  • Type (single-family, townhouse, etc.)
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms

Advanced Home Search Functions

In addition to the best accuracy of any home search site, the advanced search functionality really makes ListingBook an incredible tool to use. You can also search homes by:

  • Subdivision
  • School (elementary, Jr. High, and High School)
  • Property Facts (size, acreage, beds/baths, MLS#, street name, etc.)
  • Listing Facts (sold or pending, brand new listing, those with price reductions, etc.)
  • Features (basement, waterfront, disability access, central air, etc.)
  • Type of Heating
  • # of Stories
  • Style of Home (Cape Cod, Georgian, Ranch, etc.)
  • Materials (siding, brick, concrete, etc.)
  • Area Boundaries (zip code, neighborhood/subdivision, schools zone, etc.)
  • Location of Schools
  • Location of Shopping, Fire/Police, Recreation
  • And much, much more…

advanced naperville home search functions

No Agent Ads

The interface is clean and clear. There are no real estate agent ads getting in your way.

Be The First To Know: Get New Listings Automatically

Be the first to be alerted of new home listings. To do this, simply save a search (called a “home finder”). Then, ListingBook will email you each morning with new results that fit the parameters of your search. Remember, ListingBook gets a direct feed from our MLS so you’re seeing results within hours of them being posted. You’ll have a big advantage over your home-buying competition because you’ll see new listings first.

Save Favorites

When you see a home you like, mark it as a “favorite.” You can then keep all the homes you’re most interested in within an easy-to-find folder.

Direct Message An Agent For More Info

There are no ads, but you’re still able to get more info about any home you’re interested in. There are built-in messaging functions to contact an agent whenever you want to learn more about a home or even see it in person. Messages come to me, John Reh, and I can provide you with immediate and accurate information. There is no obligation to use my services, even though they are free to all home buyers.

How Do I Get ListingBook?

Getting access to ListingBook is easy. Just fill out the brief form below and we’ll set up your free account for you. When it’s ready (usually within a few hours), we’ll email you the link to log in. There is no obligation to use it or use us for our real estate services. You will not be spammed to death. You won’t get pesky sales pitches. ListingBook is simply the best home search site to use and we’re happy to give you access to it since we know from experience that 98% of our clients who try it continue to use it as their primary way to search homes for sale in Naperville (and for all homes around the northern Illinois area).

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