What Naperville’s Community Career Center Can Do For You

community career center in naperville

If you’re a job seeker, this is for you!

Did you know that there’s an incredible resource right in your backyard that’s ready and willing to help you find a great new job opportunity?

It’s call the Community Career Center and it’s located right here in Naperville.

I had a Q&A session with one of the “development associate” employees there and found out all the great ways that they can help you:

Generally speaking, what does the Community Career Center do?

The mission of the Community Career Center is to “empower job seekers!” We provide job seekers with guidance on subjects ranging from goal-setting and resume writing to networking and interview skills.  Basically we try to provide or enhance the skills a job seeker needs to secure an interview and land a job.

Is there any cost for someone to use your services?

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Naperville Self-Storage Options

self storage in naperville

Sometimes you just have more stuff than you have room for.

As a student of North Central College, maybe you need a place to put stuff for the summer. Or maybe you’re moving to Naperville and need temporary space to keep a few things.

Or, maybe, you’ve got a garage full of junk and just want to get it the heck out of there so you can do something more useful… like parking your car.

If you’ve got an expensive car that’s a summer-only ride, maybe you need winter storage for it. [Read more…]

Hot Weather Tips For Naperville Dog Owners

summer dog care tips in naperville

In the midst of summer, the weather in Naperville is pretty much hot and, often, humid.  For you dog owners, you know how important it is to keep your doggies safe when the temperatures rise. First on the list should be to look for Dog Name Tags that will easily fit onto your dog. This is crucial, regardless of the weather, as it can provide a way to get your pooch back to you if he/she should go missing. Here’s a breakdown of some common pet care tips for summer you may want to share with your friends:

  • No Dogs Left In Cars:  Yes, this one should be pretty obvious, but we still see this once in a while, don’t we?  [Read more…]

The Top 5 Classic Magic Kingdom Attractions

top 5note: this is one segment in a multi-part series on how to plan a trip from Naperville to Disney World.

When you hear the words: Walt Disney World – what comes to mind?

For many people, images of the Magic Kingdom are the first things that pop up.  When you are planning a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, you will be spending at least one day of your trip here.

While this family-friendly theme park has MANY attractions, I’m going to give you a Top 5 list of attractions that should make every family’s “Must Do” list!
I’ll list the attractions in a geographical order, saving the only attraction with a height requirement for last.

As you enter the Magic Kingdom, you’ll head down Main Street USA.  A left turn takes you into Adventureland and the home of our first classic attraction: [Read more…]

Naperville Lawn Watering Restrictions And Guidelines

water and sprinkler guidelines

Every homeowner wants that really green yard.  But, Naperville has some water conservation regulations that all residents need to adhere to.

So, that brings up the question “when can I water my lawn?”  And here’s your answer. [Read more…]

What’s The Naperville Chargers Football Program All About?

chargers football image

If you’re looking for a great sporting activity for your son or daughter and want something a bit different than the typical school program, check out the Naperville Chargers Football and Cheer organization.

We talked with John Gaca, VP of football and recruiting, to ask him more about what it is.

1.  What exactly is the Naperville Chargers Football program? 

The Naperville Chargers is a youth football and cheer program that is part of Pop Warner.  Within Chicago alone, there are over 25 towns that participate in Pop Warner Football and Cheer. [Read more…]

How To Survive A Disney World Summer Vacation

surviving hot summers at disney world

note: this is one segment in a multi-part series on how to plan a trip from Naperville to Disney World.

Now that Naperville schools are out, many families are thinking about summer travel. One of the more popular vacation destinations is the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Summer in Florida is fierce. I am not going to lie. As one who made the yearly pilgrimage to the House of Mouse every July for at least a decade with my family, I know it seems impossible to visit the parks while you are dripping with sweat.

But fear not travelers for I bring you some coping mechanisms. I can’t promise you mid-70’s temps and no rain, but I can help you make your vacation magical in spite of soaring heat and 90% humidity.

I present: 6 Steps to Surviving the Summer at Disney (trumpets sound here). [Read more…]

What Is The Naperville Newcomers and Neighbors Club?

logo for naperville newcomers and neighbors club

One of the goals of the Your Naperville community and website is to help people who are moving to Naperville discover the best of the Naperville lifestyle.  We try to show prospective newcomers all the great things about our city and why they should move here.

Another group in Naperville has a similar goal to reach out to new and current residents and give them a place to get to know each other in person.  We talked with Sue, the publicity chair of the Naperville Newcomers and Neighbors Club, and asked her some questions to find out more about their organization and what they do. [Read more…]

Naperville Centennial Beach: Ultimate Guide 2013

naperville centennial beach

Woo hoo!  Naperville’s Centennial Beach is a great place to cool off now that decent weather has arrived.  Here’s your guide to everything you need to know for the 2013 season.

Centennial Beach Location

  • 500 W. Jackson Ave – Naperville, IL 60540
  • 630.848.5092


  • May 25 (opening day) – 11am to 8pm
  • May 26/27 – 11am to 6pm
  • May 28 through August 18 – weekdays and Saturdays 11am to 8pm, Sundays 11am to 6pm, and “adult float” times on most weekends from 9am to 10:55am
  • August 24/25 and August 31 through September 2 – 11am to 6pm

Membership Prices [Read more…]

Why Dog Patch Pets In Naperville Is Awesome

dog patch pets in napervilleDog Patch Pet And Feed in Naperville has been around a long time.  Since 1972, in fact.

As a kid, the only thing I knew about Dog Patch Pets was that they sponsored a really great Naperville park district baseball team.  My teammates and I were always collectively bummed out when we knew they were on our schedule.

“Who are we playing tonight?”

“Dog Patch.”

“Oh, great!” (Cue sarcasm.  And, no, we never won.)

What I didn’t know back then was that they were much more than just the sponsor of the best little league team this side of the Missy-sip.  They’re also an awesome pet store. [Read more…]