The Best Shopping In Naperville

There's a great mix of shopping options in Naperville. If you're looking for the coolest, most unique (yet affordable) products, this is your place.

Downtown you'll find a ton of familiar national shops as well as fantastic Indie-Bound stores, your local independents. Throughout the rest of the city, you'll find pretty much anything else you'd want to shop for.

Check out our profiles of the best shopping that Naperville has to offer.

Safari Snips Haircuts And Parties For Kids

safari snips haircuts in naperville

Your kids can have a safari adventure next time they need a haircut, want to have a party, or just have fun on a rainy day!

But not only haircuts are offered at Safari Snips. Kids can get a manicure, pedicure, up do, braids or feathering done too! Baby’s first haircut includes a lock of hair, certificate and photo too! Each haircut station has televisions with cable and PlayStation 3 gaming systems for the kids to stay busy while they get their haircut. [Read more…]

Serendipity Resale Shop: Naperville Location, Info

naperville serendipity resale shop

The Serendipity Resale Shop, located in downtown Naperville, is operated by Little Friends, an organization that serves both children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities.

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Little Luxuries – Great Home Decor In Downtown Naperville

little luxuries home decor in naperville

One of the things that makes shopping in downtown Naperville so special is the presence of locally owned, one of a kind boutiques such as Little Luxuries. This quaint little shop offers unique home decor pieces, accessories, as well as antique and vintage items.

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Two Bostons Pet Store In Naperville – Info, Hours, Products

two bostons pet store in napervilleYou don’t have too spend too much time in Naperville to notice that this is a city that loves their dogs!  Fortunately for Naperville residents, there is a shop located downtown that caters to their beloved pets.

Two Bostons is a locally owned pet boutique owned by married couple Andy and AdreAnne Tesene. The shop was named after the couple’s two pet Boston Terriers. This little pet boutique offers a full line of pet food and wellness products, as well as a full line of grooming products for your furry friends. There are also fun items available such as toys, clothing, and even specially baked gourmet treats.

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Zeppe’s Italian Market, Straight From The “Old Neighborhood”

zeppes italian market in naperville logo

Step into Zeppe’s Italian Market and visit the vecchio quartiere of Naperville! As their tag line asserts, this mom and pop Italian market mirrors the market from the “old neighborhood”.

Visit Zeppe’s and your mind will be transported into a land of historic buildings, beautiful cafes, sunny skies along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Paddle thru the aisles of breads, deli meats, cheeses, homemade sauces and giardiniera, and allow your senses to be taken on a gondola ride of authenticity in this quaint Italian bazaar. Row thru the canals of specialty Italian grocery items and ingredients as you survey the bona-fide variety the market has to offer. [Read more…]

Lil’ J’s Bohemia: A Grateful Shop in the Heart of Downtown Naperville

 Lil J's Bohemia in downtown Naperville

There is a little boutique located in downtown Naperville since 2006 known as Lil’ J’s Bohemia: A Grateful Shop that offers shoppers a refreshing change of pace from chain style retail outlets.

This is the kind of locally owned business where the owner is there to greet you as you walk in, where you will hear the Grateful Dead playing softly in the background, and where the aroma of incense fills the air. It’s a place full of retro style clothing that is a flashback from the hippie era that makes you wish you could take a trip back in time.

Lil’ J’s Bohemia is definitely the place to go to satisfy your “inner hippie”.

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Second Chance Resale – Naperville Location, Hours, Info

second chance resale shop in napervilleSecond Chance Resale Shop is a thrift shop located in Naperville, Il that is owned and operated by Family Shelter Services, an organization that offers help and counseling to victims of domestic violence. Second Chance offers a unique way to support the efforts of Family Shelter Service, while providing residents with a lovely selection of gently used clothing for all sizes and age ranges, household items, linens, fashion accessories, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, and more.

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Anderson’s Bookshop – Naperville’s Hometown Book Store

anderson's bookshop in downtown naperville

With the world full of large “chain” bookstores, it’s rare these days to find a local hometown bookstore. Naperville is very fortunate to have Anderson’s Bookshop, located right in the heart of downtown.

Here you will find not only a large selection of books, but also a great toy selection, as well as numerous gift ideas. Anderson’s also hosts several book signing events throughout the year in which popular authors come into the store and other community locations and personally sign their latest works for the customers.

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UBreakIfix – Where To Get iPhones, iPads, & Computers Fixed In Naperville

iphone and ipad repair in naperville

Drop your cell phone and it’s now got a cracked screen?  Or does your computer have a virus or crashed hard drive? Regardless of what happened, it needs to be fixed.  UBreakIFix can help!

UBreakIFix is an electronics repair shop. Not only do they repair all smartphones, but also tablets, game systems, and computers (both PCs and Macs) too!

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Naperville General Store – A Gift Shop From The Good ‘Ol Days

naperville general store interiorWhen you hear the phrase General Store, your mind may take you back to a simpler time, “the good old days”. That’s exactly what the Naperville General Store hopes to accomplish.

A gift store in the heart of downtown Naperville, the Naperville General Store sells a little bit of everything – both useful and fun items; “gourmet” food (such as Rothschild Farms) and “homey” foods (such as Whistle Stop Foods); kitchen items, bath & body care, candles & home scents, toys & games, retro candy, and many fun gift items including funny signs for the home, whimsical home office items, “penny” candy, and women’s accessories. [Read more…]