City Of Naperville Jobs: Journalist, Reporter, Writer, Reviewer, Blogger, Media

city of naperville jobs for journalism, reporers, bloggers, writers

Looking for a flexible, fun, part-time job?  Interested in getting paid to write on and report about everything awesome in the city of Naperville?  Then this is the job for you!

Your Naperville ( is a growing community-focused website exclusively dedicated to bringing our readers “the best of the Naperville Lifestyle.”

We’re currently looking for contributors who want to write new articles for our website.  Although we have some ideas to give you on what to write about, you can basically write about anything that interests you!

The general categories we write about include:

  • “About” Naperville; history, facts, and figures
  • Events; parades, concerts, parties, fund-raisers, etc.
  • Restaurants, food, and dining
  • Shopping and store profiles
  • Fun things to do; permanent attractions like the Riverwalk, museums, parks and recreation, etc.
  • Real Estate; helpful tips and statistics for Naperville home buyers and sellers, neighborhood profiles
  • Schools; profiles of schools in districts 203 and 204, updates on current school matters
  • Featured Articles; anything that’s important, fun, or interesting and related to Naperville, but doesn’t fit another category

blogger jobs in NapervilleIf you’d call yourself a journalist, reporter, writer, blogger, reviewer, media specialist, columnist, commentator, correspondent, or something else similar to these job titles, you’re probably the type of person we’re looking for.

This is a very flexible position.  You can write about anything you want, whenever you want. 

Here’s the only thing we don’t want:  news

The newspaper and other websites cover news of Naperville very well.  So, what we’re interested in writing about is information.  Here’s an example of the difference:

  • News about the Naperville Sprint triathlon would be the finishing results, how many people entered, what happened during the race, etc.
  • Information about the Naperville Sprint triathlon would be where to register, a map of the route, tips on how to train, etc.

Information answers questions that people are asking.  That’s what we want to provide to our readers.

You don’t need to be a “pro” to qualify.  If you have a sincere interest in the city of Naperville and want to write about what makes our lifestyle fun and unique, then let’s talk.

This is a part-time role.  You can contribute one article a month or one a day or something in between.

If you’re interested in being a regular contributor, we can set you up with your own user account for our website where you have your own profile/bio box and picture displayed on the pages you contribute.

This is a paid role.  Payment is made a per-article basis.  Since every story is different (different length, research, time involved, etc.), the payment will vary.  But rest assured we’ll come to an agreement that makes us all happy.

Sound good so far?  Then contact us via the form below.  We’ll be in touch ASAP!

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