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waubonsie valley high school

Waubsonsie Valley High School is part of Indian Prairie School District 204 with students from the Naperville and Aurora areas.  It serves grades 9 through 12 and has been rated as one of the top high schools in the nation.

Waubonsie Valley Statistics

  • Opened in 1975
  • Public institution
  • 4-year program
  • Coed
  • Roughly 2,700 students
  • Student to teacher ratio:  27 to 1
  • Part of the Upstate Eight athletic conference, 25 varsity sports programs
  • Nickname:  Warriors
  • Average ACT Scores:  23.2
  • Graduates about 99% of senior class

Location and Contact Information

Administration Staff


Waubonsie Valley High School has been rated by Newsweek Magazine as one of the top 1,500 high schools in the country.  This places it in the top 6% of schools in the nation.

waubonsie valley high school great school ratingWVHS also is one of the few high schools to be rated as “9 out of 10” by

The school’s grading system is on a “4.0” scale with an “A” scoring 4 grade points, “B” scoring 3 grade points, etc.  Classes meet each weekday for 47 minutes and each completed course earns a 1/2 credit each semester.  Students must earn at least 23 credits and complete the following minimum courses to fully graduate.

  • English: 4 credits
  • Science:  2 credits
  • Math:  3 credits
  • Social Studies:  2.5 credits
  • Physical Education:  3.5 credits
  • Health:  0.5 credits
  • Driver’s Education:  0.5 credits
  • Arts, Music, or Foreign Language:  1 credit
  • Consumer Economics:  0.5 credits

According to the Illinois Prairie State Achievement Examination for 2011-2012, WVHS grade 11 students scored well above the state average in math, reading, and science.  State scores were approximately 52% while Waubonsie students typically score in the mid 60’s to low 70% range.

wvhs psae test results


Over 175 courses are offered through the college prep curriculum that Waubonsie Valley teaches.

In addition to the standard-level classes, students can also enroll for both AP (advanced placement) and Honors classes.  These courses include topic areas such as business, english, math, music, science, social studies, technology/engineering, and world languages.

AP and Honors classes are weighted on a +1.0 grade scale, meaning that an “A” gets 5 grade points instead of the typical 4 points for a standard-level class.


WVHS students make up an excellent mix of backgrounds from the local area.  The majority of ethnicities include white, black, asian, and hispanic.

There are roughly 2,700 students with each grade level having a nearly equal number of people.

waubonsie valley high school student ethnicity makeupSports and Special Interests

WVHS has a plethora of special interests groups that students can participate in.  These groups could generally be classified into categories such as

  • Music (a six-time GRAMMY award-winning program)
  • Performance (instrumental, dance, theater, vocal)
  • Competitive (chess, math, science, business, etc.)
  • Cultural
  • Student Government
  • Service
  • Publications
  • Other special interests

Waubonsie is part of the Upstate Eight – Valley Division athletic conference.  School teams have acquired 4 state championships, 15 state trophies, and over 100 sectional, regional, and conference championships and titles.

Girls Sports
Cross Country
Swimming & Diving

Track & Field

Track & Field
Water Polo

Boys Sports
Cross Country
Ice Hockey

Swimming & Diving
Track & Field

Track & Field
Water Polo


Waubonsie Valley High School is a well-rounded, award-winning school.  From academics to staff to extra-curricular activities, a Waubonsie education is one that kids will benefit from and parents will be proud of.

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