The 5 Pictures That Will Sell Your Naperville Home Listing

Internet home shoppers love pictures.  They’re trained to scan the photos before anything else.  If your Naperville home listing doesn’t have amazing professional photographs showcasing the visual appeal of your property, you’re seriously hampering the likelihood of getting that buyer out from behind their computer and into your home to see it in person.

In particular, there are 5 pictures that you must have to really make your Naperville home stand out from the crowd.

Exterior Front Of Home

What does the house look like?  Everyone wants to know that, so this exterior shot is a must.  In fact, by the regulations of our local MLS system, an exterior front-of-home photo is mandatory and needs to be the primary image.

The house itself should be the focus of this picture.  There may be great landscaping or huge trees or something else of value in the yard, but we need to concentrate on the house first and foremost.  The landscaping, etc. can be the focus of other photos.

Make the house as big as possible in the photo frame.  We want it to jump out to a viewer who’s also scanning 200 other homes.  A straight-on shot often works best, but you can angle the photo to show a bit of the side of the home if there’s something that makes the side or backyard appealing.

If you want to get really fancy, you can take a photo at dusk with all the lights on in your home.  Otherwise, make sure that your exterior shot is done in bright sunlight and good weather.  Rainy, dreary, gray days make for unappealing photos.

outside of naperville home


The kitchen is the center of the home for many families and this space can make or break a deal.  Show off the size and layout of the room.  Chef or not, buyers are imagining how they can get around in the kitchen to cook and/or socialize during entertaining.

Don’t forget about counter tops, cabinets, islands, and appliances.  In many homes, these are the source of major upgrades and you want to ensure that the buyers know what these items look like and what quality level they are.


Lot And Backyard

Especially in suburbia, buyers are often very interested in the size of the lot and how much yard space there is all around the home.  I’ve seen many buyers love a home in photos and then immediately disqualify it once they see it in person because they realize that the yard was too big/small, oddly shaped, or just didn’t look like what they thought it would.

The typical single-family home in Naperville has enough of a yard that you want to include at least one photo of it.  The front yard space is probably going to be a part of the front exterior shot so you don’t need another of those.  The backyard shot can be done so that you’re facing the back of the house.  Have the bottom edge of the photo start at about where the back property line is.  This way, you’re giving the buyer a perspective of the size of the yard and its shape.

What if you live in a condo?  If you don’t have a yard that’s yours, consider common areas inside or outside the building that may be of value, such as a well-appointed lobby or walking paths around the building.

naperville lot and backyard

Master Bedroom

The typical buyer is very interested in where they’re going to be spending 8 hours in their home every night.  At least one solid photo of the master bedroom to show off the size is very important.  If you have room in your slideshow, get 2 or 3 photos and try to incorporate the closets, windows, and a master bathroom, if there is one.

naperville bedroom


Bathrooms can often be the item that tips the scale in one direction or another.  Buyers want to know if there’s one sink or two, how many bathtubs vs. showers, floor and shower tile quality/design, how the space will work for children, etc.

These are tricky photos because this is often a small space with weird angles.  So, if you’re not using a camera with a wide-angle lens, the bathroom shot is unlikely to look the best it can be.  With whatever equipment you have though, try to get at much of the bathroom space as possible to show the actual size.  And always make sure that the photographer is not captured in the reflection of the bathroom mirror.

 naperville bathroom


The top 5 photos above are the keys to what most buyers really want to see.  Of course, don’t stop there though.  Don’t forget about all the other rooms in the house as well as any other unique and valuable spaces such as a garage, shed, landscaping, in-ground pool, and even nearby parks and amenities.

Capture great photos and you’ll have a much better chance of selling your home.

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