Hot Weather Tips For Naperville Dog Owners

summer dog care tips in naperville

In the midst of summer, the weather in Naperville is pretty much hot and, often, humid.  For you dog owners, you know how important it is to keep your doggies safe when the temperatures rise. First on the list should be to look for Dog Name Tags that will easily fit onto your dog. This is crucial, regardless of the weather, as it can provide a way to get your pooch back to you if he/she should go missing. Here’s a breakdown of some common pet care tips for summer you may want to share with your friends:

  • No Dogs Left In Cars:  Yes, this one should be pretty obvious, but we still see this once in a while, don’t we?  If you’re taking your dog with you in the car for some errands, please don’t leave them in your vehicle when parked (even for a few minutes).  On a relatively mild day with temps only in the 70’s, inside your car it can rocket up to over 100 degrees amazingly fast!
  • Water And Shade Are Your Dog’s Friends:  Fido can get dehydrated pretty quickly.  So, keep plenty of fresh water around as well as some shady spots.  For example, if he likes to roam the backyard, make sure there’s fresh cool water plus some type of shade protection from a tree, porch overhang, or a dog house with plenty of ventilation.
  • Proper Bowls: Speaking of fresh cool water, don’t use metal bowls outside.  They can heat up much faster than a plastic bowl and cause the water to be way too warm.  Don’t have a large plastic bowl you can put outside?  You can find one at Dog Patch Pet and Feed.
  • Warning Signs For Discomfort:  When dogs get overheated, they can start panting very rapidly and/or have trouble breathing.  Their heart can speed up, they may start drooling excessively, and even become “woozy” or even collapse.  This all especially applies to breeds such as pugs and bulldogs with “flat” faces.  Heidi, a Naperville dog walker with the Dogs Love Running! pet care service, stresses that they take it easy with those types of breeds on their daily walks because hot weather can really affect them quickly.  She also recommends keeping sensitive paws off of hot asphalt and, for some dogs, even sidewalks may be too hot on blazing days.
  • Don’t Go Hairless:  If you have a dog with long hair, a trim can suit them well for summer.  However, don’t “buzz” or completely shave them.  Although it may sound logical that less hair would be less hot, dogs actually need their coat to protect their skin from sunburn and overheating.
  • Be Mindful Of Toxins:  Chemicals on lawns and flea/tick products can be harmful if swallowed.  Beware of those while out on walks or if you bring Fido to your neighbor’s house for a party.  And, although we humans sometimes partake of chocolate, alcohol, grapes, and other items common at a party, make sure your dog doesn’t find them or be fed them by an unknowing party goer.

Following these tips will keep you and your furry friend very happy throughout the summer.

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