How Is The Weather In Naperville IL?

naperville weather“How’s the weather in Naperville, IL?”  That’s probably a question you’re asking yourself if you’re visiting or moving to Naperville.

Weather Overview

Overall, you’re getting a full four seasons here.  Winters are cold.  Springs are relatively mild.  Summers usually aren’t too hot but they can be humid on some days.  Falls are great and they’re typically smooth transitions back to the colder temps.

At roughly 30 miles from Chicago, anything the city gets, we’ll get too.  We are far enough away to avoid “lake effect” weather though.  So, some of the lake effect snow and humidity the downtown area gets won’t quite reach all the way out to Naperville (that’s good for us).

Monthly Temperature Averages

average monthly weather temperatures in naperville

Naperville has a typical midwestern temperature pattern; cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  Check out the monthly averages below.

  • January High/Low:  30/15 degrees fahrenheit
  • February:  35/18
  • March:  47/27
  • April:  60/37
  • May:  71/46
  • June:  80/56
  • July:  83/61
  • August:  81/60
  • September:  75/51
  • October:  63/40
  • November:  48/30
  • December:  34/19

As you can see, July is typically the hottest month with January coming in as the coolest.  The coldest it’s ever been is -26 and the hottest was 105.  That’s definitely hot and cold, but not to the extremes you’d find in far northern or southern states across the US.


average monthly rain in inches in naperville

Naperville typically gets about 2 to 4 inches of rain per month.  It’s wettest in August with average rainfall of 4.34 inches of water.

This basically means that we get a pretty average amount of rain for the country.  It happens a few times a month, but it’s not much.  You don’t typically have to worry about rain-outs for sports and entertainment events.


Naperville has decent weather.  If you enjoy (or can at least tolerate) the winter cold spell, the rest of the year is pretty good.  It doesn’t get too hot, too humid, or too rainy.



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