Jim Gaffigan Is Funny. And He’s Coming To Naperville.

jim gaffigan, dad is fatJim Gaffigan is coming to Naperville.  And this dude is hilarious.

I’ve got XM Radio in my car and every comedy channel is pre-programmed as a favorite.  When I’ve got a drive of more than 20 minutes, it’s often one of the comedy stations that gets the airtime in my car.

There’s a ton of comedians I’ve heard because typically only a 2-3 minute bit gets played before the next comedian is up.  With so many voices, it’s difficult to get recognized.

But Jim Gaffigan is one that I recognize immediately.  His act definitely has a certain uniqueness to it.  If he comes on, the station is not getting changed because I know that hilarity is about to ensue.

Luckily for you and I, we don’t just have to wait to luck out and hear him on satellite radio.  Instead, we can see him live right here in Naperville.

jim gaffigan playing in naperville

Jim Gaffigan Naperville Appearance Details:

He’ll be doing some stand-up and promoting his book, Dad Is Fat, on Thursday, May 9th 2013 at 7pm.  The event takes place at Pfeiffer Hall on North Central’s campus.  The address is 310 E. Benton Ave in Naperville.

Get Jim Gaffigan tickets here.




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