Naperville High School District Public Rankings

How good are Naperville High Schools?  Well, according to a review of public rankings done by the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper and overall statistics from the greatschools website, they’re pretty darn good.

In fact, Naperville has some of the best high schools in the state of Illinois.

The Sun-Times analysis ranks the top 50 high schools in the state by a formula based on average scores on state achievement tests.  This is a bit different than other methods that may include only the percentage of student scores which meet state standards.

The results speak for themselves.  Of the top 50 in Illinois, here’s how Naperville high schools did:

  • #12 – Naperville Central (percentile rank: 76.49)
  • #13 – Neuqua Valley (percentile rank: 76.42)
  • #19 – Naperville North (percentile rank: 74.68)

There’s no question that these state test scores are good.

naperville high school rankings list

Over on the website, we see more detail on individual school results as well as overall ratings.  Here’s how that site grades our high schools:

  • Naperville Central:  10 out of 10
  • Neuqua Valley:  10 out of 10
  • Naperville North:  10 out of 10

naperville high school reviews

When you look at individual consumer reviews of these schools, you’ll also find very solid endorsements with most giving a very satisfactory score of 4 or 5 on a scale of 1-5 with “5” being most satisfied.

If you’ve got a child entering high school or are planning to move to Naperville and wondering about the capability of these schools to educate your child, these scores should give you confidence that you’re in good hands.



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