Naperville High Schools Make Top State & National Rankings

naperville high school rankings in illinois

US News and World Report released their top national and state education rankings and 3 Naperville high schools made the cut.  Here’s who’s on the list:

  1. Neuqua Valley
  2. Naperville Central
  3. Naperville North

Neuqua Valley

Neuqua made the list as the 30th best Illinois high school and #683 on the national rankings.  With nearly 4,100 students and 249 teachers, the ratio of students to educators is about 16:1.  The college readiness score was “41.9”, which puts it above the Illinois average.

Naperville Central

Central wound up #38 in Illinois and #828 nationally.  With about 2,900 students and 179 teachers, the student/teacher ratio is also about 16:1.  The college readiness score was “38.5” and above the Illinois average.

Naperville North

North landed #44 on the state’s list and #1025 nationally.  The student/teacher ratio is a tick higher than the others at 17:1, with about 3,140 students and 182 teachers.  College readiness is also above the state’s average with a score of “34.5.”

Waubonsie & Metea

Although Waubonsie and Metea high schools were not on the list, it’s commonly known that these high schools are also fine institutions.

Find out more about these Illinois high school rankings.  What do you think about these types of lists?  Do you have any comments about these schools?  Leave us a note below and tell us what you think.

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  1. Naperville parent says:

    this is old, check out the new rankings.
    Ranking now
    Naperville Central
    Naperville North

    • Thank you for the link. I wonder why they don’t make it more apparent what the dates are and which set of rankings are more recent?

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