Naperville Housing Market; Prices, Sales – April 2013

The Naperville housing market is doing well for both buyers and sellers.  Let’s look at the April 2013 stats for single family homes and then compare them to a year ago.

Housing Statistics naperville homes listed april 2013

In April 2013, there were 269 homes that were listed for sale in Naperville.  That’s a 16% increase over the 232 homes listed in April 2012.

number of naperville homes sold april 2013

How many homes sold in Naperville?  Last month there were 133.  That’s about 7% better than last year.

average list price of homes in naperville april 2013

The average list price has been slowly climbing.  Although we see a spike in November in the chart that’s out of the ordinary, we’re seeing the average asking price go up slowly but surely.

average home selling price in naperville april 2013

Are sellers getting these higher prices?  According to the data, yes.  The average selling price of a home in Naperville is about 4.5% higher than last April.  That’s an average of about $423,000 this month as compared to $405,000 a year ago.

average days on market naperville april 2013

How long does it take to sell a house in Naperville?  Right now it’s taking about 3 to 4 months.  Very well priced and marketed homes will go much faster than that.


Right now is still  a good time for both home buyers and sellers.  Sellers are seeing prices finally come back a little bit and are getting their homes sold faster than before.  Buyers are still finding reasonable deals although many are finding more competition than they thought for some homes they’ve made offers on.

Insider’s Advice

The media hasn’t quite caught up to the fact that some sellers are seeing their homes sell in days.  Yes, days.  And many buyers are surprised that they’re being outbid when they had no clue that they had any buying competition in the first place.

Sellers: make sure your house is in top-notch condition and you’re getting the right type of promotion to attract the buyers

Buyers:  move just a little faster than you thought you needed to and you’ll have the jump while your buying competition is taking their sweet time

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