What Is The Naperville Moms Network?

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Living in one of the best communities in the country, Naperville, we have wonderful luxuries like the best parks and trails, dining, unique neighborhoods, shopping, museums, schools, the list goes on and on. Something to be truly grateful for.

Something unique to Naperville that helps foster an even stronger community is the Naperville Moms Network.

This is an active online community for every type of mom in and around the Naperville area. You can create your own profile page, share photos, be a part of several groups, create your own interest groups, attend live events, be a part of a variety of robust discussions, and most importantly it’s a place to connect and find support for everything related to being a mom.

There are several resources for all types of moms!  Groups include momprenuers, young moms, moms with toddlers, working moms, divorced moms and so many more so there is something for everyone.

There are always events posted locally by members to attend in a nice organized style. Naperville Moms Network also sponsors an annual back to school barbecue that is free for the entire community. This event is full of fun activities, vendors, music and food.

Naperville Mom’s Network also holds 2 to 3 girls night out per year that are free events for moms to come and socialize, decompress get some “me” time in a positive and fun environment.

Naperville Moms Network also features a way to socialize and meet new friends. Many members meet online and schedule play dates and even find wonderful recommendations for caregivers and other mom friendly businesses.

If you’re planning to move to Naperville, just arrived, or have been here and are looking to meet new women like you, check out the NMN today.

Visit the Naperville Moms Network site, register as a new member, and join their facebook page.

We’ll soon post a profile of Cafe ‘N Play, a place to meet members of the NMN in person.


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