Naperville Photographer: Megan Drane, Firefly Nights Photography

I was looking to get some photos done for my real estate business.  I found Megan Drane at Firefly Nights Photography in Naperville.  We talked a little and she ended up doing some work for me (which can be found on this site and our facebook page).

In case you’re looking to have some photos done, you may want to consider her.

Here’s an interview I did to find out more about her and her business.  A few examples of her work are at the bottom of this interview.

1.  How did you get into photography?
I stumbled into a career in photography by accident, I assure you.  While I have a Masters of Fine Art degree, I used to be in the corporate world and did photography as a hobby.  But then I went and photographed my best friend’s newborn, and they shared the images with all of their friends.  After that, word and demand spread.

2.  What intrigues you about this particular art form?
I am a natural story teller.  It is just within me.  And while I love telling stories through words, I’m also a very visual person.  So much can be told through a single image.  And that is what I love most – capturing pure moments, a person’s essence, a story.

3.  What inspired you to make a business out of this?
It was the growing requests from others and even strangers for my work.  There comes a time when you are giving up all of your spare time to a “hobby” and earning money, when you have to decide if it is going to just be a hobby (and shouldn’t be consuming all of your life), or if it should be a career.

4.  What types of subjects do you work with?
I started off photographing mainly babies and toddlers, but as my business grew and years passed, I expanded.  Now I am a portrait photographer who photographs maternity, newborns, babies, children, teens/seniors, families, athletes, commercial, headshots, and even boudoir, though that is through my other line at Fiery Nights Boudoir.

5.  Do you have any favorite subject types or subjects that you’re known for shooting?
I tend to be known for my newborn work and unique high school senior sessions.  However, I’m internationally known for my work with special needs children, especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

6.   What do you think is most difficult about being a photographer?
Having a creative job as a career is always difficult – separating you from the business.  And of course, being a photographer isn’t the hard part.  That is the easy part.  But when it is your career, when you run a studio, that means you are a small business owner.  There is bookkeeping, marketing, etc.  It is the business aspect that is the hardest.

7.  What’s the hardest photo shoot you’ve ever been on (or photo situation that was difficult or unexpected)?
Working a lot of children on the spectrum, there are plenty of stories I could tell about difficult subjects.  My patience really is never tried while I’m working, but it is hard when a child is overly upset – screaming and crying, trying to escape.  There have been a very few instances when a child has had a meltdown bad enough that they couldn’t recover from it.  Those break my hearts, but I make sure to always present a calm demeanor, in hopes that once they do calm down, they see that I am not adding to the stress, that I am not judging them.  Usually I am the recipient of hugs more than tears.  😉  But as a photographer, I have to handle everything in between.

8.  Why did you pick to have your studio in Naperville?
I grew up in Naperville.  Before I had my studio, I was servicing clients from Plainfield, Wheaton, Naperville, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, all the way to the city. It just made sense to be in Naperville, but I was extremely lucky to have found my great studio in the historic district of downtown Naperville.

9.  Do you have any favorite places to go or things to do in Naperville (events, activities, restaurants, etc)?
Naperville is a great place.  I’m of course partial to downtown – the great restaurants (my kids love Front Street Cantina), shopping, the parades, etc.  Really, I’m just partial.  😉

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