Naperville Real Estate Transfer Tax Stamp: What, How, Why

naperville real estate transfer tax

What Is A Tax Stamp?

When a residential home is bought and sold, taxes are due on transferring ownership of that property.  These taxes are called real estate transfer taxes and generally knows as “stamps.”

You’ve got taxes at the state and county levels and often at the city level, including Naperville.

Who Pays For Naperville Tax Stamps?

Cities may require that either the buyer or seller be responsible for buying tax stamps.  In Naperville, it’s the buyer.  Note that stamps are only required for incorporated properties within the city limits.  You can find out if your property is incorporated by entering your address here.  Then click the tab for “Planning/Zoning Info” and there will be a section indicating if it’s incorporated or not.

How Much Are Naperville Tax Stamps?

City costs for transfer taxes vary.  In Naperville, it’s $1.50 for every $500 in purchase price.   So, for example, if we took the cost of the average single-family home in Naperville of  about $449,000, the tax stamp cost would be $1,347 (that’s $449,000 divided by $500 multiplied by $1.50).

What’s The Process To Get The Stamp?

There are a few steps for buyers to take:

  1. Download and complete the Naperville Transfer Tax Form
  2. Download and complete the Naperville Statement Of Open Accounts Form (this needs to be submitted at least 7 days prior to closing)
  3. Submit the completed purchase contract for the sale of the home

How Do I Get A Stamp?

Once you’ve got all the forms filled out, you cat acquire the Naperville real estate transfer tax stamp in two ways:

In Person (the suggested method)

Gather the above documents and head on down to the Naperville finance department, located on the first floor of City Hall at – 400 S. Eagle St., Naperville, IL 60540.  You can pay with cash, check, Visa/Mastercard, or money order.  

In The Mail

If you’re feeling lucky, you can obtain tax stamps in the mail.  Simply send the above documents along with check or money order and a self-addressed postage-paid return envelope to:

City of Naperville
Attn: Finance Department
400 S. Eagle St
Naperville, IL 60540

More Questions?

The Naperville finance department can answer additional questions you may have:  (630) 420-4116

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