Naperville School District 203 Boundary Map

district 203 maps overview

Over the last few years, the Naperville School District 203 Enrollment Capacity Study Committee (ECS) has proposed various changes to the boundary lines of the Naperville school system.

On March 19, 2012, the Board of Education approved some significant changes.  However, as recently as February 2013, more updates were made for the 2013-2014 school year.

The district’s website makes it somewhat difficult to find and understand exactly where the boundaries are.  So, we wanted to simplify things by making it easy to download a detailed map or else just take a quick peek at a snapshot of where the boundary lines extend to.

If you’re looking for a super close-up view of all the boundary lines, you should download the entire Naperville School District 203 Boundary Map.  Keep in mind that this file is nearly 20mb, so it may take a few seconds to download and render.  But if you’re looking to really zoom in on exactly where the boundaries are, this is what you want.

Or, if you’re looking for quick general guidelines, we’ve posted images of the map below.

You can click on any image and it will expand a bit larger for easier viewing.

Northern Boundary Area

school district 203 northern boundary map

The northern section extends a bit further north than I-88.  To the east it stops short of Yackley Rd. and to the west it extends nearly to Raymond Drive.  The Burlington Northern Railroad is roughly the southern edge.

Middle Section of the Area

school district 203 middle region

To the west, Odgen Ave. is one border and Plainfield-Naperville Rd. creates another border a bit further south.  There’s no clear landmark border to the east but it does not go quite as far as Rt. 53.  75th St. separates school lines in some areas to the south.

important changes for 2013 2014 naperville high school boundaries

Notice that, for the 2013-2014 school year, these black dotted lines represent updates specifically for high school boundary changes.

Southern Boundary Area

naperville school district 203 southern boundary lines

Modaff Rd. is pretty much the western boundary line with the eastern edge going slightly east of Green Rd.  Royce Rd. is effectively the southern edge of the boundary where residences are although, technically, it does extend a little further south than that.


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