Need A Naperville Dog Walker? This Is For You

naperville dog runningNeed a Naperville dog walker?  Well, maybe what you really need is a dog runner.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A dog runner.

Meet Heidi Janss, the owner of Dogs Love Running! of Naperville.  Her company not only offers the traditional dog walking service, but they’ll also go out and run with your dog, too. As well as feeding it too, including having special senior dog food for the older pooches!

Why would anyone need a dog runner?

“The obvious benefit is the exercise.  That’s our thing – to help pets live longer and behave better” says Janss.

Dogs need to burn off excess energy.  If you’re a dog owner, you know that to be 100% true.  You also know that, if they don’t, they find ways to burn it off.  Often, those ways can be destructive.

To keep those bad behaviors in check, Heidi or one of her many team members will come to your house and make a visit with your family pooch.  They can go out and literally run with your dog to help burn the energy off.

heidi janss dogs love running of naperville

Heidi Janss – owner of Dogs Love Running! of Naperville

“Any type of dog can benefit from our service” Heidi says.  “Older dogs, puppies, and definitely the athletes.”

Most runs are for 30 minutes.  Depending on the need of the owner and animal, visits can last anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes though.

Many of her 150+ clients use the service 2 to 3 times a week every week all year long.  Some even use it 5 days a week.

“A lot of our customers are surprised at just how much of a change takes place in their pet after a few weeks of our visits.  People know that their dog needs to run that energy off, but they often don’t realize just how much it was needed until the dog starts behaving much more calmly after we’ve been visiting for a little while.  That energy gets spent in a productive way and the dog often is just a lot happier and more relaxed because of it.”

Of course, not every dog needs running.  Older dogs, tiny dogs, or dogs that just can’t run for some reason still can benefit from Heidi’s service.  That’s where her dog walking plans come into place.  A 30-minute walk will do just fine for a pug or bulldog who probably shouldn’t be running.

And, for those going away on vacation, Heidi and her team can help out with pet sitting.  They’ll come to your house multiple times per day and take care of your pets there, where they feel safe and secure.

Is it affordable?  Well, with rates starting at just under 15 bucks for a visit, this fits into the budget for a lot of people.

Heidi’s success is due in large part to her love for animals.  She’s a dog lover, dog owner, and even fosters dogs who are in need of a home.  Through the foster program, she’s helped over 40 dogs…and remembers all their names!

She’s also friendly people person.  “I want people to know that I’m interested in them.  Of course, this business is about the dogs, but I think that my caring for what the owners really need goes a lot farther.”

Heidi and her team can be contacted below:

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  1. Great post, John. I live near Naperville as well, and there are quite a few good pet care services in the area. I’ve never tried Heidi’s dog running service, but I know the guys over at Prairie Path Pet Care also offer the same service. Have you tried them out? I’m hoping to find the best option sometime in the next week or so. Thanks…

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