The Official Ghost Tour Of Naperville Gives Guests Goosebumps!

ghost tour of naperville

If you happen to be a fan of the popular paranormal television series Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters, or just happen to be curious about the paranormal, you may be interested to know that Naperville has its very own ghost tours right here in the heart of downtown!

On the Official Ghost Tour of Naperville, you will meet up with tour host Kevin Frantz for an evening of historically factual and haunting tales about the past of this beloved city.  Kevin Frantz is a paranormal investigator, author, and a Naperville Historian who has been conducting ghost tours in downtown Naperville for the past seven years.

Tours run on weekend evenings from April through November, weather permitting. Tours last approximately one and a half hours to two hours and involve walking a distance of approximately 1/4 mile. As Halloween approaches, more dates are typically added and tours are given on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings at various times. A special Halloween tour date is also available, but tends to sell out quickly.

During the tour, you will listen to Kevin tell spine tingling tales about actual events that actually took place in Naperville many years ago. In fact, you may even be standing in the very spot where some of these events took place.

Even if you are not really “into” ghosts, or are a true non-believer in the paranormal, Kevin’s storytelling will reel you in and entertain you. Guests will also learn much about the history of this fine city. Cameras are welcome, and you might be surprised with what you find when you review your photos. The 2013 tour is called “Grand Deceptions”, and is rumored to be the scariest tour to date. Some tales from this tour include “The Grave Robber Next Door” and “The Ice Cold Kiss”.

Reservations, Cost, & Location

  • In order to reserve a spot on Naperville’s Official Ghost Tour, simply call (630)205-2664
  • Cost is $25 per person
  • The meeting place for the tour is in front of the military statue at the entrance to Central Park on Washington Street. The address is 50 South Washington Street, Naperville, IL, 60540.

No credit card information is required, and tours can be paid for in person by cash or check when you arrive.  You must be age 16 or older to attend.

I have had the opportunity to attend one of these tours with two of my older sons and one of their girlfriends a couple of years back. Kevin’s storytelling is top notch, and we learned so much about the area in which we live. The tour was worth it for the factual information alone.

Guests were also introduced to some tools of the trade used in ghost hunting, and given the chance to use an EMF (electromagnetic field) meter, and to listen to an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) caught on tape. I took many pictures that evening, and so did my son’s girlfriend. Both of us found many orbs and orb showers in our photos, with orbs being balls of light that many paranormal investigators feel to be the energy of spirits captured in photos. Whether or not it is true, we both know that we used basic point and shoot cameras and got amazing results.

I have also heard Kevin Frantz speak at a special program at the Naperville Public Library, and have purchased his first book entitled, Naperville, Chicago’s Haunted Neighbor.

Kevin and The Official Ghost Tour of Naperville does not disappoint!


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