Is It A Good Time To Buy A House In Naperville?

naperville home buyerIf you’re looking to buy a house in Naperville, you’re probably wondering if it’s a good time or not.  Maybe you’re scared about losing your shirt like people did over the last few years?  Maybe you’re wondering if prices are still on the way down?  Maybe you’re wondering if you should rent instead?

Well, here are a few thoughts that may help you decide what’s best for your personal situation. [Read more…]

Meet Actress Jessica Alba May 8th 2013 At Anderson’s Bookshop In Naperville

jessica alba at anderson' bookshop in napervilleMeet Jessica Alba at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville on Wednesday, May 8th 2013 at 7pm (free).

You may know Jessica Alba best as an actress.  Perhaps you’ve seen her on TV in shows like Dark Angel or in films like Fantastic Four. [Read more…]

Need A Naperville Dog Walker? This Is For You

naperville dog runningNeed a Naperville dog walker?  Well, maybe what you really need is a dog runner.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A dog runner.

Meet Heidi Janss, the owner of Dogs Love Running! of Naperville.  Her company not only offers the traditional dog walking service, but they’ll also go out and run with your dog, too. As well as feeding it too, including having special senior dog food for the older pooches!

Why would anyone need a dog runner? [Read more…]

The Best Florists And Flower Shops In Naperville, IL

naperville floristsLooking for the best florists and flower shops in Naperville?  Well, there’s lots to choose from, that’s for sure.

Because there’s so many out there, we took a look around and did some comparisons for you.  We took into account that you’d be looking for: [Read more…]

Slash Playing At Naperville Ribfest 2013

Slash at naperville ribfestAttention rock music fans… Slash is coming to Naperville Ribfest 2013!

I have to say I’m excited for this for two reasons.  First, I’m a fan.  From the original Guns ‘N Roses to the current lineup today, I like what he puts out.  Second, I think it’s kinda ironic that he’ll be playing about a mile from the very first place I had ever heard of him. [Read more…]

Meson Sabika – A Unique Naperville Eating Experience

Meson Sabika in Naperville, IllinoisMeson Sabika in Naperville is truly a unique restaurant and eating experience.  Let’s first start off with the fantastic building and grounds.

The “restaurant” is actually an old mansion that was built back in 1847.  This ain’t no trendy hipster joint with sleek lines, dark lighting, and aluminum finishes.  We’re talking good ‘ol fashioned wooden floors, narrow stairways, and small rooms.  Just like they built way back when.  Everything’s been renovated though so that you get the best of the old world and the new. [Read more…]