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Serenity.  Peace. Tranquility.  Relaxation.

Four common words one strives for when looking to fulfill an hour, day, or weekend of indulgence. If you are a Naperville resident or just visiting, look no further than Spa Lane for that quick retreat of pampering. Whether you have specific skin needs, are in search of someone who can provide services on an ongoing basis, or need maintenance service, Elena Bryant, owner of Spa Lane, is your go to esthetician. Self-owned and operated, Elena has the ability to work with you on a one-on-one basis and provide attention to your specific needs.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Elena and learning more about Spa Lane.

Elena Bryant, Spa Lane Owner, Interview:

What is your background and experience?
I have been in the salon and spa business since I was 16 years old! I fell in love with the passion, purpose, and energy of the business and knew it was where I wanted to always be. I loved watching women leave the salon so happy, confident, and it being the best part of their day. I worked as a shampoo girl for a salon in high school then worked in a multi-location salon and spa for the next 13 years of my career. I started as a receptionist and then went to cosmetology school. After school, I enjoyed learning the business side of the salon and spa and advanced into management. For the next few years I managed a large salon and spa which gave me a great foundation for one day opening my own business. Next, I received amazing training and education in becoming an esthetician. I successfully built a strong esthetic business with a huge passion for skin and was able to open Spa Lane in Naperville, May of 2011.

What is Spa Lane?
Spa Lane is a spa owned and operated by myself, an esthetician. Located on the corner of Montgomery Rd and Route 59 in Naperville, IL. Spa Lane is known for the individualized, detailed service and has a reputation of one of the best skin and waxing spas in Naperville. Spa Lane offers services of skin, facials, waxing, brow and lash tinting, special occasion make up, airbrush spray tanning, microdermabrasion, etc.

How did you decide to start Spa Lane?
Those that know me always see my love for my family. Even though I sometimes was given a workaholic reputation, I always felt I was working towards something that would eventually lead me to more time with what matter most to me, family. Working for yourself has this benefit and I honestly waited on God for the right timing to be able to open my own spa. This has become a dream come true and still can’t believe the gift of Spa Lane was given to me. It became a testimony for me that when you work hard, look for signs and ways of what life has next, if you trust and follow each step, you will find your destiny and purpose.

When did you open Spa Lane?
May, 2011

What services do you offer?
I offer services of skin, facials, waxing, brow and lash tinting, special occasion make up, airbrush spray tanning, microdermabrasion, etc.

What does Spa Lane offer that makes it stand out compared to other salons?
Spa Lane is known as a place you can go and trust the advice on your skin, together with Elena create a plan, and visibly seeing results with each visit. Spa Lane is very intimate, quiet, in a setting where it’s all about you. Many clients love the specialty, sensitive wax, high end, quality products with each service. Spa Lane has a niche service of using a special wax for young girls, many come to Spa Lane for their 1st brow wax experience which they will never forget. Elena has a passion for helping young girls achieve their best brow shape for their face and bone structure.  Spa Lane is known as an expert in waxing services from brows to brazilians!

Do you do private parties for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc.?
Yes, Spa Lane has hosted a few parties. A big hit this summer was bridal parties coming in to get spray tanned before the wedding!

Why did you choose Naperville as your location for Spa Lane?
I have worked in Naperville and Lisle my whole career in the beauty business and am so grateful for the relationships made in this great city! I would never leave Naperville because the people are so supportive of small business and great, spa services.

What can you offer to the Naperville Community through Spa Lane?
Naperville has such active groups to support the community I try my best as a one woman show to give back to our awesome community in Naperville. Spa Lane gives many donations and volunteer time with organizations that have relationships with my business. Giving back to the community will always be a core value to Spa Lane.

What are your future goals for Spa Lane?
I am very grateful for the thriving, growing business of Spa Lane! I don’t do much advertising because most of my new business is referrals of my clients talking about Spa Lane. This has been such a humble, rewarding compliment and it’s an honor to service the amazing clients of Spa Lane. I only hope for continued growth and meeting more awesome people!

Spa Lane Contact Information

  • Location:  1355 South Rt. 59, Suite 201 Naperville, IL 60564
  • Phone: 630.205.2076


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