The 5 Pictures That Will Sell Your Naperville Home Listing

Internet home shoppers love pictures.  They’re trained to scan the photos before anything else.  If your Naperville home listing doesn’t have amazing professional photographs showcasing the visual appeal of your property, you’re seriously hampering the likelihood of getting that buyer out from behind their computer and into your home to see it in person.

In particular, there are 5 pictures that you must have to really make your Naperville home stand out from the crowd. [Read more…]

(Video) 7 Secrets To Selling Your Naperville Home For The Most Money Possible

It’s no secret that when you sell your house, you want to get as much money as possible.  However, knowing exactly how to squeeze out every penny you deserve is unclear to a lot people.  So, use this simple 7-step guide to get you going in the right direction.  If you need more help, just contact us.

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Naperville Housing Prices, Trends – September 2013 Market Report

Here is the Naperville real estate report for September, 2013.

This September was an improvement from last year.  Overall, there were 14.7% more listings, 16.4% more sales, and 15.2% fewer homes on the market as compared to 12 months ago.

This continues to be good news for the Naperville housing market.

naperville housing market stats for september 2013naperville detached home statistics september 2013naperville attached home statistics september 2013

Naperville Home Sale Prices

Single-family home sales prices rose slightly by a little less than 1%.  The average price was $423,688.  Detached homes made a larger increase at 12.8% to raise the average to $193,745.  Luxury home prices have dropped as compared to last September while all other price ranges have remained stable. [Read more…]

Naperville Home Prices, Trends – August 2013 Market Report

Here is the Naperville real estate report for August, 2013.  This month continues to outpace the year-ago period.  As compared to last August across all home types, there were 30.7% more listings, 33.3% more closed sales, and 14.9% less inventory available.

Fewer homes + more demand = higher prices, as we see below.

August 2013 housing statistics for naperville real estate naperville detached home stats summary august 2013 naperville attached home stats summary august 2013 [Read more…]

Is Buying A Short Sale Home In Naperville A Better Deal?

short sale better deal

With the housing market we’ve had over the last decade, we’ve seen home prices rise and then drop extremely quickly.  This has brought about the phenomenon of the “short sale”.  Although a short sale is nothing new to a bank, it’s only recently entered the minds of many home buying consumers because the burst in the housing bubble has made this term common place in the media.

But is buying a short sale home in Naperville a better deal than buying a non-short sale? [Read more…]

Naperville Housing Market; Prices, Sales – April 2013

The Naperville housing market is doing well for both buyers and sellers.  Let’s look at the April 2013 stats for single family homes and then compare them to a year ago.

Housing Statistics naperville homes listed april 2013

In April 2013, there were 269 homes that were listed for sale in Naperville.  That’s a 16% increase over the 232 homes listed in April 2012. [Read more…]