Guide To Thayer J. Hill Middle School – Information, Reports, Ranking

image of thayer j. hill middle school

Naperville’s Thayer J. Hill Middle School is part of Indian Prairie School District 204 and academics span grades sixth through eighth.  There are roughly 925 students enrolled.  Here are the essential elements of what you’d want to know about this school. [Read more…]

List Of District 203 Schools In Naperville

district 203 logoDid you know that there are 22 different district 203 schools in Naperville?  That’s a lot of schools!

To make it easy to locate and contact them, we made a convenient list of all of them below and broke them out by grade level (you can also view a map of district 203).

District 203 Elementary Schools

  • BEEBE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:  110 E. 11th Ave – Naperville, IL – 60563-2797 – 630.420.6332
  • ELLSWORTH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:  145 N. Sleight St – Naperville, IL – 60540-4700 – 630.420.6338 [Read more…]

Naperville School District 203 Boundary Map

district 203 maps overview

Over the last few years, the Naperville School District 203 Enrollment Capacity Study Committee (ECS) has proposed various changes to the boundary lines of the Naperville school system.

On March 19, 2012, the Board of Education approved some significant changes.  However, as recently as February 2013, more updates were made for the 2013-2014 school year.

The district’s website makes it somewhat difficult to find and understand exactly where the boundaries are.  So, we wanted to simplify things by making it easy to download a detailed map or else just take a quick peek at a snapshot of where the boundary lines extend to. [Read more…]