Naperville Photographer: Megan Drane, Firefly Nights Photography

I was looking to get some photos done for my real estate business.  I found Megan Drane at Firefly Nights Photography in Naperville.  We talked a little and she ended up doing some work for me (which can be found on this site and our facebook page).

In case you’re looking to have some photos done, you may want to consider her.

Here’s an interview I did to find out more about her and her business.  A few examples of her work are at the bottom of this interview.

1.  How did you get into photography?
I stumbled into a career in photography by accident, I assure you.  While I have a Masters of Fine Art degree, I used to be in the corporate world and did photography as a hobby.  But then I went and photographed my best friend’s newborn, and they shared the images with all of their friends.  After that, word and demand spread. [Read more…]

Naperville Business Spotlight: Cartavi (And Why I Love It)

cartavi logo

I’m one of those people that loves technology and what it can do for us.  When applied in just the right way, it helps make our lives easier and more productive.  And that’s exactly what Cartavi, a Naperville-based real estate software company, does for me.

When I got into the business of helping people sell and buy their dream homes, I was pretty surprised to see that there was so much time, effort, and paper being used to sign and store simple documents.  I didn’t understand why we’re still faxing, printing, and scanning things in this day and age.

So I started hunting around to find a solution.

Enter:  Cartavi, “a simple way to share.”

Turns out that Cartavi is exactly what I was looking for.  It, along with the integrated DocuSign capabilities of electronic signatures on your desktop or mobile device, was my digital solution.

The cherry on top is that they’re based in Naperville, my hometown and the geographic focus of my real estate business.  So, I decided to learn more about the inner workings of this company and contact them.

Paul Koziarz, Cartavi founder

Paul Koziarz, Cartavi Co-Founder

Below is my conversation with Cartavi co-founder, Paul Koziarz, about what makes his company tick. [Read more…]