Naperville Photographer: Megan Drane, Firefly Nights Photography

I was looking to get some photos done for my real estate business.  I found Megan Drane at Firefly Nights Photography in Naperville.  We talked a little and she ended up doing some work for me (which can be found on this site and our facebook page).

In case you’re looking to have some photos done, you may want to consider her.

Here’s an interview I did to find out more about her and her business.  A few examples of her work are at the bottom of this interview.

1.  How did you get into photography?
I stumbled into a career in photography by accident, I assure you.  While I have a Masters of Fine Art degree, I used to be in the corporate world and did photography as a hobby.  But then I went and photographed my best friend’s newborn, and they shared the images with all of their friends.  After that, word and demand spread. [Read more…]

Welligee Personal Training – Interview With Ryne Gioviano

welligee personal fitness in naperville

“I need to get into better shape.”

That’s a comment many of us make to ourselves and/or our friends.  And there are many methods to accomplish that goal, both for free and via paid services.  One of these ways is with Welligee, a personal one-on-one training facility in Naperville run by Your Naperville community member, Ryne Gioviano.  We sat down with Ryne to ask him a little about what what Welligee is all about. [Read more…]

Spa Lane In Naperville – Interview With Elena Bryant

spa lane in naperville, elena bryant

Serenity.  Peace. Tranquility.  Relaxation.

Four common words one strives for when looking to fulfill an hour, day, or weekend of indulgence. If you are a Naperville resident or just visiting, look no further than Spa Lane for that quick retreat of pampering. Whether you have specific skin needs, are in search of someone who can provide services on an ongoing basis, or need maintenance service, Elena Bryant, owner of Spa Lane, is your go to esthetician. Self-owned and operated, Elena has the ability to work with you on a one-on-one basis and provide attention to your specific needs.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Elena and learning more about Spa Lane.

Elena Bryant, Spa Lane Owner, Interview:

What is your background and experience?
I have been in the salon and spa business since I was 16 years old! I fell in love with the passion, purpose, and energy of the business and knew it was where I wanted to always be. [Read more…]

What Naperville’s Community Career Center Can Do For You

community career center in naperville

If you’re a job seeker, this is for you!

Did you know that there’s an incredible resource right in your backyard that’s ready and willing to help you find a great new job opportunity?

It’s call the Community Career Center and it’s located right here in Naperville.

I had a Q&A session with one of the “development associate” employees there and found out all the great ways that they can help you:

Generally speaking, what does the Community Career Center do?

The mission of the Community Career Center is to “empower job seekers!” We provide job seekers with guidance on subjects ranging from goal-setting and resume writing to networking and interview skills.  Basically we try to provide or enhance the skills a job seeker needs to secure an interview and land a job.

Is there any cost for someone to use your services?

[Read more…]

Ocie Floral Does Naperville Wedding Flowers Right

naperville wedding flowers

We previously complied a list of some of the best flower shops in Naperville.  Here’s a more in-depth look at one of them.  We spoke with Carol Sawka of Ocie Floral and asked her about what makes her business tick.

How did you get started in this business?

While I was working my way through college, I needed a part-time job so I applied at a floral shop. It was a perfect fit.  I moved back to Illinois and moved up the floral ladder to become a wedding specialist.  Through knowing vendors that I did weddings with, it was their input and push that sent me to start my own business. [Read more…]

Need A Naperville Dog Walker? This Is For You

naperville dog runningNeed a Naperville dog walker?  Well, maybe what you really need is a dog runner.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A dog runner.

Meet Heidi Janss, the owner of Dogs Love Running! of Naperville.  Her company not only offers the traditional dog walking service, but they’ll also go out and run with your dog, too. As well as feeding it too, including having special senior dog food for the older pooches!

Why would anyone need a dog runner? [Read more…]