Hot Weather Tips For Naperville Dog Owners

summer dog care tips in naperville

In the midst of summer, the weather in Naperville is pretty much hot and, often, humid.  For you dog owners, you know how important it is to keep your doggies safe when the temperatures rise. First on the list should be to look for Dog Name Tags that will easily fit onto your dog. This is crucial, regardless of the weather, as it can provide a way to get your pooch back to you if he/she should go missing. Here’s a breakdown of some common pet care tips for summer you may want to share with your friends:

  • No Dogs Left In Cars:  Yes, this one should be pretty obvious, but we still see this once in a while, don’t we?  [Read more…]

How Is The Weather In Naperville IL?

naperville weather“How’s the weather in Naperville, IL?”  That’s probably a question you’re asking yourself if you’re visiting or moving to Naperville.

Weather Overview

Overall, you’re getting a full four seasons here.  Winters are cold.  Springs are relatively mild.  Summers usually aren’t too hot but they can be humid on some days.  Falls are great and they’re typically smooth transitions back to the colder temps. [Read more…]