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Naperville location for Ted's Montana Grill

“Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.”
“Where’s the Beef?!”
“Get more from Beef”

I do believe we’ve all seen or heard all of these slogans at one time or another.

But, what if you’re like me and cutting back on red meat?  What can you do to satisfy that craving without breaking the nutritional bank and still walk away feeling good after dinner?!

The answer is Ted’s Montana Grill right here in Naperville.

Now, if you haven’t done your homework on bison lately, you should. Nutritionally just as solid as beef, Bison are generally grass fed and raised without use of antibiotics. Not that it’s regulated, but, Bison farmers choose to raise their animals with these concerns in mind.  Which means you’re getting a leaner, better digestible piece of meat.

Just as hearty and meaty in texture as beef, bison tends to be a little sweeter..and even a tad bit richer…putting a nice little unique spin on the dishes you’ve grown accustom to.

Had my first Bison experience out in the Dakotas last year. Took a road trip with my family and did some camping, hiking, wildlife watching and a great deal of exploring. One of the restaurants right outside of Custer State Park offers fresh bison. When traveling, we enjoy living like locals and figured what the heck! Was glad I did…was delicious!!

Had that craving shortly after we returned back, and stumbled across Ted’s Montana Grill. Had to check them out!

Their menu states the following:  There was a time when saloons served authentic food and drink to everyone from cowboys to land barons…and genuine hospitality was a virtue.   When great times and great meals would draw people together in one spirit. You’ll find that spirit alive and well at Montana Ted’s.

And I have to agree. Every bit of the experience at Ted’s was just as wonderful as eating at the little local place out in South Dakota. The food we were served was super fresh and tasty! The service was spot on and the restaurant itself was super cozy.

This casual steak – or should I say, Bison – house offers the best of both worlds. Their specialty is the amazing bison dishes they serve up.  Their chili is fantastic!  And, for those of you who are not so adventurous, or like my step-father and not quite ready to give up their real meat just yet, they do serve up one mean steak as well!

Another factor in making their restaurant unique is their conscious effort towards sustainability.  No matter how small everyone’s efforts are, every bit counts these days. And it’s always wonderful to see when larger companies jump on board.

Ted’s also offers both fantastic wine selections and tasty beers to accompany your great meal.

As a dressy casual environment with great service, your dinner will generally average between $12-30, which puts it in line with even some of the local steakhouses.

Ted’s Montana Grill In Naperville

  • 39 W Jefferson – Naperville, IL 60540
  • Phone:  (630) 545-2255


  • Sun – Thurs 11 AM – 10 PM
  • Fri – Sat 11 AM – 11 PM



This article was contributed by Your Naperville community member, Jean Kent

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