The Best And Only Home Search Tool You Need

home for saleHOME BUYERS REJOICE!  This is absolutely the best and only home search tool you need.  And, IT’S FREE!

If you’re already sold and want it right now, just fill in your name and email directly below.  If you need more detail about why this is the next best thing since sliced bread, then keep reading.


The Most Accurate Home Search Site On Earth

This is the most accurate home search tool you can get.  Period.

This can’t be stressed enough: because this tool is the only system directly connected to the northern Illinois MLS database (that’s the database where all real estate agents input their home listings), you get the most accurate data available.

The Most Up-To-Date Information You Can Get

Get instant information directly from realtors in real time.

If you’ve shopped for homes for any length of time on sites like Trulia, Zillow, and others, there’s no doubt you’ve run into home listings that were horribly out of date (example: the listing says it’s for sale, but the house is actually sold).  Did you know that other sites can easily be 3 or 4 days lagging in their data and it’s not unusual for some sites to not get updated for weeks!

But, with this system, you get data that’s updated about every 15 minutes.  That means that what you see is what you get.  If it says it’s still for sale, then it’s for sale.

Trulia, Zillow, and other sites DON’T have this real-time data!

This Tool Is Brand New.  And Very Few People Have It.

This home search tool just came to the Chicago area in the Spring of 2013.  It’s not Trulia, Zillow, or any other site you’ve probably ever heard of.

Very few people have it.  So, get it now and get the jump on other buyers looking for the same homes you’re looking at.

free informationIt’s Free.

Yes, it’s 100% free.  No, there aren’t any strings attached.  Just fill out the form at the top or bottom of this page and you can use it at no cost forever.

See Exactly What Real Estate Agents See

For the first time ever, you can see exactly what real estate agents see.  Because the data comes directly from the realtor MLS database just as the agent input it, you have unprecedented access to see everything about that home.

Save Time And Never Do A Manual Search Again

Every morning the system will email you about ALL the activity that took place in the last 24 hours related to the search you’ve saved.

Want to know about every new house that just came on the market within the last few hours?  This automated daily email will tell you.

home search criteriaAmazing Search Features (such as by school)

In addition to standard search criteria like price, location, and number of bedrooms, you can also search by these great variables:

  • By school
  • Zip Code
  • Subdivision and Neighborhood
  • All homes with recent price reductions
  • All brand new listings
  • Unique features (allow pets, disability access, basement, etc)
  • And tons more!

Map Overlays For Schools, Shopping, And More

See on a map exactly where schools, police/fire stations, shopping, golf courses, and other items of interest are located in relation to the homes you’re searching.

Interactive Map, Favorites, Comparisons, And Showings

Use a detailed map to see where homes are located.  You can even search in multiple separate areas at once.

Once you’ve marked a few homes as favorites, you can compare their features side-by-side and then even add them to a “showing sheet” to keep track of which you want to see and which you’ve already visited.

home search map

Search Homes In All Of Northern Illinois

This system will enable you to search for homes in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and northwestern Indiana.  If you’re searching anywhere within a couple hours of Chicago, this is all you need.

Get Free Access Now

Get free access right now with your name and email.  You won’t get spammed.  No one will call you.  There’s no obligation.

So, take advantage of this free service provided to you via the community.


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