Ultimate Guide To Naperville Ribfest Tickets 2013

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Looking for Naperville Ribfest tickets and information?  Here’s your ultimate ticket guide for the event which takes place from July 3rd through July 7th.

Ribfest Ticket Overview

You can buy tickets either online (see the link above) or else at the gate.  It’s important to know that Naperville Ribfest tickets have been known to sell out, especially when big acts are playing.  The organizers are very strict on this.  When the park is at max capacity, you can’t buy tickets and you can’t get in.  Period.

If a certain day sells out in advance, you won’t be able to get tickets at the gate, either.  So, if there’s a day you really want to go, it’s a good idea to buy them online ASAP.

Each ticket covers admission to both the day’s events in the park as well as whatever musical act(s) is playing that night.

Tickets do NOT include food/drink that you can buy from the on-site vendors.

Ribfest Ticket Prices

$15 at the gate

$12 for online advance sales (this price may go up at any time)

Free for children under 11 with a paying adult

ribfest tickets

Special Ticket Programs

$10 for Family Fun Time:  July 4-7 from 12/noon to 3pm, only available at the gate on the day of

$10 unlimited carnival rides via Family Fun Time Carnival Days Mega Passes:  July 4-7 from 12/noon to 3pm, only available at the carnival gate on the day of

Ribfest Ticket Refunds

Once tickets are purchased, that’s pretty much it.  There generally are no refunds, even for rain.

Ribfest Capacity And Weather

As mentioned previously, Ribfest has sold out before.  When the Naperville police have determined that the park is too crowded, they will not let anyone else in and ticket sales will stop.  Once they cease, you’re probably not getting in for the rest of the day since it’s unlikely a significant number of people will be leaving to allow room for new people to enter.

If it’s lightening out, the park will also close and visitors will have to leave.  Once the weather dissipates and it’s safe to be outside, the park can reopen.

Buy Naperville Ribfest Tickets Here. 

Now that you’ve got tickets, here’s your Ribfest parking guide.


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