What’s The Naperville Junior Woman’s Club All About?

members of the naperville junior woman's clubIncepted in 1967, the Naperville Junior Woman’s Club (NJWC) strives to uphold the community with philanthropic donations and fundraisers to serve those in need.  This not-for-profit organization was created by individuals who serve, share, and volunteer their services to improve quality of life in the Naperville community and surrounding areas.

Following this vision, the NJWC organization has worked with several foundations and organizations, including, but not limited to: Children’s Research Foundation, DuPage Child Center, Make a Wish Foundation, March of Dimes, and Susan G. Koman.  Along with donations and fundraisers, NJWC works within local community projects such as: Scholarships for High School Seniors, Martin Avenue Thanksgiving Dinner for Seniors, Community Improvement Projects, and more.

Every year, thousands of hours of service are donated to the community.  Further, they support organizations with a combined total of thousands of dollars in money that goes to make direct and tangible differences.

The Naperville Junior Woman’s Club allows you many opportunities to be directly involved in all these contributions and to make a real impact for change.

naperville junior woman's club logoAs an example, NJWC’s passion for the community shines through their work with the Safety Town Summer Program. This program was formed in 1978 and since then has opened and operated a Safety Town that includes a classroom building and a kid-sized town complete with buildings, streets, a fire safety house, railroad crossing and traffic signs and signals. The Safety Town facility is used for various safety and health related programs tailored to different age groups. Programs within Safety Town include: Scouts Play it Safe, Scouts First Aid, Baby-sitting Clinics, CPR, Trick or Treat at Safety Town, Fingerprinting, Keeping Yourself Safe, WDSRA Safety Town Sessions and Safety Town Mini Sessions.

Along with community and fundraising work, NJWC offers activities throughout the year. NJWC is involved with the Labor Day Parade, Last Fling, and has several activities for members to be involved in, such as: Book Club, Gourmet Dinner Club, Ladies Night Out Events, and more.

You can get involved by making a donation or becoming a member of the group.  The Naperville Junior Woman’s Club membership is open to all women who want to commit to making a difference through volunteering.  You may choose the programs that most interest you so you can focus your time on those.

Club meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

Join the NJWC facebook page or download an application to join today.

This article was contributed by Your Naperville community member, Kavita Jaswal.  You can write for us, too.

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