Why The DuPage River Trail Is Great

dupage river trail

editor’s note:  this article was contributed by Your Naperville community member, Jean Kent.  You can write for us, too. 

Growing up in the city, you grow accustomed to a lot of walking and no car.

Walk to the bus, to the train, taking your kids to school…everything is planned out and within, eh hum…”walking distance.”  Moving out to the ‘burbs several years ago, I found myself needing a car – and fast!  The transit system – aka Pace bus – was not going to get me far, unless I was heading down to the mall, which could be fun!  But that doesn’t get the groceries you need to put on the table.

I’ve had many cars since that time.  And, over the years, I’ve found myself relying too heavily on getting around by vehicle.  It’s an excellent tool, of course, to carpool, shop and even explore outside of the area! But, living from building to car to building, left much to be desired.

We recently picked up a couple of bikes for the family.  I have to say it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Not only do we find ourselves biking, hiking or even spending more time outside these days, but we have also grown a love of exploring many of the different paths around the local areas.  There’s so much to see and do.  It not only keeps things fresh, but also helps us to reconnect as a family after a crazy day!

What I can say about the difference between suburban and city life is that the ‘burbs not only encourage outside sports and activities, but also accommodate and provide the areas needed for this.

And Naperville is no exception.

The DuPage River Trail is now one of our favorite areas to explore. When fully completed, it will span a whopping 38 miles in length, winding through beautiful focal points in neighboring towns from Channahon through to DuPage County.

The trail in Naperville spans a little over 3 miles total.  Visitors are treated to the beautiful sights of both Whalon Lake and the Riverview Farmstead.

This trail can be accessed either off Royce Road at Whalon Lake (west of 53/Bolingbrook Drive) or off of Book Road at Riverview Farmstead. Both of these entrance areas are in Naperville.

The Whalon Lake trail is about 2.36 miles and winds around and near the lake.

whalon lake trail, part of dupage river trail

The Riverview trail is about .75 miles of flat, paved trail.

Both are absolutely gorgeous and accommodate almost any outdoor activity to be enjoyed, such as biking, hiking, skating, and more.  And, if you’re a jogger, you’re in luck!  There’s plenty of people getting their run on!

And for those of you brave enough to explore during the cold winter months, the trail allows both cross-country skiing and snowshoeing!

The trail is home to plenty of waterfowl and prairie, which provides a beautiful backdrop for your outdoor activities.

The lake also offers non-motorized boating, fishing and even a dog park, where you can let your pooch run free and socialize.

The DuPage River Trail is just a great place to relax, regroup and escape.  It’s very much worth the visit, and sure to become a family favorite of yours!

Enjoy the video below for a better view of what sections of the trail look like.

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