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Looking for a great dance studio nearby for your son or daughter aged 2 and up? Anything from a preschool child taking their first ballet or tap class to the highly competitive students wanting to learn the latest dance moves, the Xtreme Dance studio may be the place for you. Xtreme Dance was voted the Number 1 dance studio in Naperville and serves as the premiere studio of the Western Suburbs.

The studio offers classes of all sorts, from Jazz and Lyrical to Ballet and tap.  There are fairy tale ballet classes or Disney hip hop for the child of yours just beginning, breakdancing classes and many more.  Xtreme Dance Studio offers competitive teams as well which involves an audition which is held over the summer months.  Most dancers who begin at this studio continue well through their high school years.

Xtreme Dance Classes

On their site, you can find a list of courses divided down by age.  You can register your child for a specific course online and not even have to go into the studio.

Prices for the classes vary by time; a 30-minute course is $40, a 45-minute course is $50, a 1-hour class is $55, a 1.25-hour class is $65 and a 1.5hour class is $75.  For each additional hour class you enroll in it costs $40 and additional 30-minute course is $20.

If your child is interested in a tumbling and a ballet course both that are one hour you will pay $95.  All classes are based on a four week term.  The great thing about Xtreme Dance is that if you have to miss a class for some reason, you are able to make up another day.  If you would just like to take one class and see what this studio is all about you can do a drop in class for around $15 depending on what time length your class is.


This studio offers an over-sized dressing room, five studios, a lounge (for those parents who hang out while their child is in class), a kitchen and, of course, restrooms.  They also have free wifi access so you can get some work done while your child has fun in class.  Each studio offers full length mirrors so that the dancers can see their feet from any place on the dance floor.

Summer Dance Recital

There is a yearly dance recital held in the summer that the kids and families just love.  The past few have been held at Metea Valley High School in Aurora.  The recitals give the students an opportunity to showcase their many skills they have learned over the year.  Affordable ticket prices and glitzy costumes make the recital a real showstopper. Packets are given out in the month of January with information regarding the summers recital.  Recitals are open to all friends, family and relatives.  If the recital is not for you or you simply won’t be able to make it on that day, rest assured, you can still participate in the class.  There are several classes that have an option for no recital or just speak with the staff at Xtreme Dance and they are very willing to work with you and your child to find the perfect course for you.

Dress Requirements

For a ballet class the requirements are that you wear a black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes and your hair up in a tight bun.  All Jazz classes require jazz shorts, a leotard or tight fitting top, jazz shoes and hair up and out of the face.  Tap courses require of course, tap shoes and no loose clothing with hair out of the face.  For any hip hop course, the attire is simply comfy clothes that will allow you to move freely and clean gym shoes.


The instructors at Xtreme Dance are some of the best in the area.  Many of the instructors have been there for years and have even danced for the company themselves.  The Company offers smaller class sizes which gives the instructors lots of opportunity to really work with developing fine young dancers.  The more individual attention the students receive helps to develop them at a much faster pace.

Birthday Parties

Xtreme Dance Studio also offers children’s birthday parties.  At $15 a child for a 10 guest minimum, the kids are taught a dance by an instructor, then get to perform their routine wearing costumes provided by the studio.  The kids can even get their hair done for a small extra fee.  The kids then perform their routine for all the guests at the party.  The party has access to the kitchen and lounge to have cake and open presents as well.

Location & Phone

  • 1911 Glacier Park Ave. Ste. 135

    Naperville, IL. 60540

  • (630) 922-5678


  • Office hours are Thursday’s from 4:30- 9pm
  • You can walk in Monday through Friday after 4 and there is typically someone there to help, but you’ll probably want to call ahead first


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