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Annica Float Club Floatation Therapy

Are you looking for a way to unwind after a long week at work?  Are you yearning for a little peace and quiet?  Are your muscles sore from starting a new fitness program or from all the yard work that spring and summer bring? Do you struggle with chronic pain? Floatation Therapy is here to resolve all of that and MORE!

annica float clubAnicca Float Club is the very first floatation therapy tank business in DuPage County. Anicca features four custom-built Float Rooms (8 ft long X 5 ft wide X 6.5 ft tall), that have an under water client controlled LED light and a 2 way communication system to help the most anxious floaters feel at ease.

What Is Floatation?

Floatation, also called Sensory Deprivation or Restricted Environment Stimulation Therapy (R.E.S.T), is floating effortlessly in an over-sized bathtub with 10 inches of water that has been saturated with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. The water is heated to the temperature of your skin and it is so dense that it is impossible to sink. All you have to do is lay back and FLOAT!

Floating has been around since the 1950s, but is just now making resurgence in the health and wellness industry as more research shows how critical it is to have down time. We are constantly being stimulated and the float room eliminates all distractions so it becomes possible for anyone to slip into a deeply meditative state known as theta state. This also reduces stress hormones in the body. One hour in the float tank is often equated with hours of high-quality sleep.

Floatation Therapy:

•    Reduces stress

•    Improves sleep quality

•    Improves memory, focus and concentration

•    Enhances creativity

•    Helps produce theta brainwaves

•    Reduces addictive behavior

•    Reduces anxiety and depression

•    Strengthens the immune system

•    Relieves pain from ailments and injuries

•    Relieves inflammation in joints

•    Replenishes magnesium levels

•    Lowers blood pressure

•    Improves athletic performance through ease of visualization, quicker recovery

float 2Float club owners, Lindsay and Paul, came into floating via their Vipassana meditation practice.  After they experienced their first float they immediately wanted to open their own Float Center. They spent a year researching floatation, traveling around the country and eventually built Anicca Float Club!

You can visit them online at:


Or visit in person at:

4S100 N IL-59, Naperville, IL 60563

#: 630-854-7385


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8S421 Oxford Lane: Naperville Home For Sale – $869,900

No expense was spared in building this home.

Every comfort you’d want and need has been integrated with careful thought and top-quality craftsmanship.

Naperville 203 schools with a prime location near to major roads and not far from downtown Naperville.

A huge property with fence, pool, and a variety of outdoor entertainment options.

Inside, relax and enjoy yourself with over 5000 square feet of livable space.

Make 8S421 Oxford Lane your new home.

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Home Overview

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Naperville Home Prices & Real Estate Report: April 2014

The “Spring Market” Starts On a Good Foot.

The charts below represent a rolling 12-month average (or cumulative amount for some statistics) to better show the actual trends in the market.  This data is specifically for sales of traditional resale single-family homes and does not include foreclosure, short-sale, or condo/townhome data.

(also:  find out how the Naperville housing market looks today with our live market data feed coming right from the MLS database as well as search Naperville homes for sale)

Average Home Sale Prices

The average Naperville home price in April was $449,283, which is about the same as last month and a 4.8% increase over last April.


Average Original List Price

The price sellers originally put on their homes is up about 1% from a year ago to $527,438.  This is down slightly from a peak last month but is still about the highest it’s been recently.

How Long Does It Take A Naperville Home To Sell?

Across all price ranges, the average time it takes a house to sell is about 9 weeks.  This is down drastically from 12 months ago.  Different price ranges have different selling times and the higher-priced homes take a little longer at 101 on average.

How Much Are Sellers Getting?

Sellers continue to get more money than last year.  The average sale price is 95.7% of the original asking price.  This is up 2.3% from last April.  The price range in the $350K to $500K gets the most with an average of 97.1%.  This is up 2.9% from last year.

Housing Inventory Supply

While most price ranges saw a very slight increase in the inventory supply, the average is still quite low at about 3.5 months.  This basically means that sellers have a bit of an advantage because there just aren’t that many homes available for buyers.

How Many Homes Are For Sale?

In correlation to the supply, we see a handful more homes for sale this April than last.  This is a 0.8% increase.

How Many Homes Sold?

The higher end of the market continues to see improvements over the last 12 months.  There was an increase of 20% more homes sold in the $350-$500K range  and 35% more homes sold in the $500K+ range.  Obviously, great news for these home sellers.


The “Spring Market” is here and Naperville home prices are going in the right direction for sellers, especially the high-end ones.  Supply levels are staying relatively constant and buyers are still out there looking to buy.  Overall, it’s a good time to be in the market for both sides.

Contact Us

Thinking of buying or selling?  Let me know what you need the most help with and I can get you started on what to do next.  – John Reh

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Go Ballistic Naperville Race: Info, Date

go ballistic in naperville

Go Ballistic Naperville is the first obstacle course race in the western suburbs.

Conveniently located at Frontier Park (next to Neuqua Valley High School) in south Naperville, this event challenges all ages and fitness levels with varying levels of obstacles. If you have participated or are considering participating in a Spartan race, this event is for you!

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Top 10 Things NOT To Do When Getting A Naperville Home Loan

naperville financing mistakes

If you’re buying a house in Naperville and you’re trying to get a home loan, the time between when your offer is accepted and when you close is extremely important.  That’s because there are a gazillion things that can go wrong to derail your home purchase.

As a buyer, your main responsibility is to make sure your loan gets approved.  So, here are the top 10 things NOT to do if you’re trying to get financing.

Don’t Change Jobs

Changing jobs creates instability.  Don’t switch employers.  And definitely don’t quit or suddenly become self-employed [Read more…]

2014 Naperville Marathon and Half Marathon: Map, Registration, Info

naperville marathon info


  • 2014 Naperville Marathon & Half Marathon


  • Sunday, November 9, 2014 – both races start at 7am


  • Start and end at Naperville Central high school
  • Course winds through the Naperville area


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The 5 Pictures That Will Sell Your Naperville Home Listing

Internet home shoppers love pictures.  They’re trained to scan the photos before anything else.  If your Naperville home listing doesn’t have amazing professional photographs showcasing the visual appeal of your property, you’re seriously hampering the likelihood of getting that buyer out from behind their computer and into your home to see it in person.

In particular, there are 5 pictures that you must have to really make your Naperville home stand out from the crowd. [Read more…]

Naperville High Schools Make Top State & National Rankings

naperville high school rankings in illinois

US News and World Report released their top national and state education rankings and 3 Naperville high schools made the cut.  Here’s who’s on the list:

  1. Neuqua Valley
  2. Naperville Central
  3. Naperville North

Neuqua Valley

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Naperville Real Estate Transfer Tax Stamp: What, How, Why

naperville real estate transfer tax

What Is A Tax Stamp?

When a residential home is bought and sold, taxes are due on transferring ownership of that property.  These taxes are called real estate transfer taxes and generally knows as “stamps.”

You’ve got taxes at the state and county levels and often at the city level, including Naperville.

Who Pays For Naperville Tax Stamps?

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The Best Website To Search Homes For Sale Naperville IL (and how to get it)

use listingbook for the best naperville home search

In my opinion as a real estate agent, the best website to search for homes for sale in Naperville isn’t one of those big “popular” sites you see advertised on TV. You may have already seen a house you like from someone like MLS properties, but there are many other places where you could find the house of your dreams.

Instead, if you really want to use the most comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-use site available, you should be using ListingBook.

Below are just some of the reasons why it’s way better than those other sites you’ve probably heard of.

What Is ListingBook & Why Haven’t I Heard Of It?

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